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These brushes are perfect for helping you to put a final finish on a project! Lace Brush Set — Everything is better with a little less. Dress up your newest project with something exciting in the form of these brushes! Feather Brushes — Feathers are a great addition to any design. These brushes make it easy for you to add beautiful feathers in any color to a new project! Standard Brushes Bundle — This huge bundle of brushes is perfect for covering all of your bases. These standard brushes provide you with valuable tools to play with.

Try these brushes out for fun effects on any project. Ultimate Evil Tentacles Brushes — This might not be your average set of brushes, but it is pretty awesome. Alien Illustrator Brush — This is one unique brush that can make for a great project theme. Underwater Brushes — These unique aquatic brushes are all kinds of fun to play with. You can make exciting and beautiful creations when you try these out. Sometimes the grid can be a really good thing, especially for your art.

Markers and Pen Strokes — These free Illustrator brushes are absolutely amazing for getting you to work. With 84 brushes, there really is no way to go wrong with this bundle. Pencil Brushes — Sometimes you just need some fancy pencil designs.

We understand, which is why we found you this amazing kit of pencil brushes to play with. Linocut and Woodcut Brushes — These brushes are perfect for helping you to get the most out of your work. They have a unique finish that is fun to experiment with. Long Stroke Markers — Sometimes only a marker will do and these have your back. Vector Circles — These thrilling brush designs are fun for adding something bizarre to your art.

Flower Affairs Brush Pack — Sometimes you just need a good floral design to set the tone for your artwork. Individual Dividers Brushes — These beautifully designed dividers will make you fall in love. Each one was perfectly made to improve your projects in Illustrator! Vintage Frame Brush — These frames are the perfect addition to any photo or work of art. If you feel as if your art is looking like a repeat of what you have previously done, add a new twist to it by using these fresh brushes.

Make them a part of your artistic arsenal and see the difference they can make to your digital illustrations. Enjoy these modern, abstract, creative, and traditional brush strokes for your new artwork and digital creations:. Igor is a SEO specialist, designer, and freelance writer. Grunge Brushes Kit fits any type of digital art, especially when it comes to creating grunge style illustrations. Improve your project by adding slight scuffs and enjoy the results.

These vector brushes set will be a perfect addition to any vector graphic design. This kit includes hand-drawn brushes. Use them to bring an artistic look to your projects. This handy set of multi-colored brushes is designed to easily create objects with different colors including both light and dark ones.

Want to create fantastic compositions? This option will definitely suit, then. Complement your drawings with a realistic marker pen effect using these free brushes for Illustrator.

It is possible to choose various sizes and experiment with nib styles. Amazingly, but you can create outstanding effects within Adobe Illustrator without using multiple programs. Like the majority of brushes, these tools are made to create a good-looking design adding unique elements to it. The brushes of this pack come in different shapes, such as pointer shape, spray look, straight lines and others. Use them to add a hand-drawn aesthetic to your design. This is a collection of vector brushes that allow creating hand-drawn sketched effects.

From pencil to marker style brushes, you will certainly find the most suitable one for your artwork. If you are in search of an extraordinary brush solution for your design, consider this option.

Play around with different patterns and see the amazing results yourself. But it also includes a free sample of the brush pack that includes a few texture brushes you can use in your personal design projects for free. This brush set features 60 different brushes including dashed, rounded, abstract, and various other brush styles.

This is a bundle of free goodies for Illustrator that includes free pencil brushes, text effects, texture patterns, and much more. A set of line art Illustrator brushes featuring natural flowing designs.

These brushes are free to download and use with your personal projects. This is a bundle of high-quality Illustrator brushes designed for creating vector line artworks. The pack includes multiple brushes with various stroke designs with jagged edges. It includes 25 floral pattern brushes as well as 25 vector illustrations that work with Illustrator CS6 and higher. A set of marker pen brushes for creative projects.

This pack comes with a set of 24 brushes in 6 different styles featuring outline, thick, scribble, messy, and many other styles of marker pen brush designs. Another collection of marker brushes featuring hand-crafted brush designs. This bundle includes 31 different brushes with classic grunge designs. You can use them to draw art and craft backgrounds as well. This free bundle includes a set of creative Illustrator brushes featuring dry ink designs.

These brushes are ideal for creative projects and artworks. Another free Illustrator brush pack that comes with a set of ink-like brushes with various grunge designs. These are most suitable for digital drawings. This is a very unique abstract Illustrator brush pack that features a collection of banner brushes. These are perfect adding small banner icons and graphics to your artworks and designs.

A creative Illustrator brush featuring a rope-style texture design. This brush is perfect for adding borders and texture to different types of art and graphics. A collection of free arrow brushes for Illustrator. If you want to draw an arrow for your new banner ad or illustration, look no further. This pack includes 13 different arrow brushes for you to grab for free.



۳۰ Best Adobe Illustrator Brushes for (Free & Premium).


Here is a free starter pack to get you creating spray and hatch textures with ease. These vibrant brushes are beautifully textured, and range from light to heavy in density. With this pack you get 10 spray and 10 hatch textures, but if you need the whole package you can buy it here opens in new tab.

The penmanship of Japanese calligraphers is known the world over thanks to their deft command of line. And with this batch of nine free brushes, you can channel their craftsmanship in your work. Japan ProBrush is a slimmed down version of a larger package, and contains high quality brushes that emulate ink and watercolour tools. Created by Leonard Posavec opens in new tab , this collection is perfect for designers, illustrators and artists looking to add a touch of the Far East to their work.

This batch of free Illustrator brushes boasts 57 alternatives that replicate the look and feel of a brush loaded with multiple colours. Created by Grant Friedman for Vectips, this exclusive set of brushes contain a variety of textures that can be used for drawing shapes or applying them to objects.

All brushes can be saved for easy access under the User Defined menu. Download them for free today! To get them, just click the link above, scroll down to number one, and sign-up for the newsletter. Chris Spooner borrowed some of his daughter’s wax crayons to put together this authentic set of crayon brushes for Adobe Illustrator.

The pack includes 12 brushes, including solid shades and mixtures of two different crayons. Rather than stretching to fit, these brushes repeat to give a more realistic effect.

Use them to add a hand-drawn aesthetic to your projects. Get the effect of traditional wood or linocuts, but without the danger of gouging a bit of your hand off, with these free linocut vector brushes.

The pack of 25 brushes includes a range of different brush shapes, including tapered strokes, texture fills, split brushes and edge shading. These brushes are especially well suited to drawing on an iPad, as the pressure and tapering effects are built into each brush. Russian artist Segey Poluse is the man behind this pack of free Illustrator brushes. I book marked your blog for future visit. Share on Pinterest. Share 29 Comments submitted Add yours!

Subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to hear about new posts. Much appreciated! As usual your blog is a source of amazing resources. You never cease to fail! Always top notch quality. Thank you. Thanks a ton for putting in the time to create this list. Thanks, for the great recourses! They will come in handy. Add a craft feel to your design with these 19 detailed brush patterns.

The set includes Christmas and Valentines Day themed brushes, as well as general and traditional stitches. These are totally charming so be sure to take a look. This bundle ‘started with loud music, a garage, paper and india ink’. With every ink texture you could imagine, this pack contains both Photoshop and Illustrator brushes — a massive 61 altogether. In terms of Illustrator-specific brushes, you get five scatter and five art brushes so this bundle is mostly worth it if you want to create inky goodness across both programs.

Comprising ink brushes, dot brushes and pat brushes, these doodle-style pattern sets will have you creating drawing lines, waves, dashes, hatches, asterisks, dots, squares, zigzags, crosses, and more. These are clean, detailed lines that will add intricacy to your designs. We all know that the ice-y aesthetic has skyrocketed in popular culture since the advent of a certain Disney film. If you want to make your own homage or you’ve got a less specific frozen project in mind , this brush set is perfect.

This bundle has 65 seamless raster pattern swatches and a colour swatch set, too. You won’t want to let this one go. While we take a look at other retro themed brushes later in this list, we thought we’d kick things off with this mega bundle of comic book-themed brushes.

If you’ve always wanted to recreate that graphic novel look, this is the brush bundle for you. In the Retro Comic Book Tool Kit, you’ll find 84 vector cartoonist brushes based on real ink strokes.

With less distortion than real life ink brushes, this pack is the ideal way to capture the look and feel of a comic book without sacrificing your legibility in the process.

If you’re looking to beef up your selection of the best Illustrator brushes for a wide range of products, you might save money going for a big bundle with lots of brushes. This bundle of premium Illustrator brushes squeezes in a massive of Retro Supply Co’s most popular brushes, saving you a packet on what it would cost to buy them all individually. Of course, if just one or a couple of those takes your fancy, you can also buy them individually.

Create vintage artwork with this set of cross-hatch pen and ink Illustrator brushes from The Artifex Forge, aka designer Jeremy Child. Happily, tablet users are catered for as well — a version of the brushes with pressure sensitivity enabled is included. This mega-bundle of Illustrator brushes will set you up for almost any kind of digital painting. It includes six of RetroSupply’s best-selling brush packs, and includes sponge and ink scatter brushes, halftone brushes, pencil and charcoal brushes.

This pack of 25 Illustrator brushes from True Grit Texture Supply enables you to add depth, grain, shadow and form to your artwork. Perfect for adding grainy drop shadows, blended gradients, gritty accents and subtle grain overlay effects, the brushes have been handmade from a diverse selection of authentic source-materials — including vintage paper samples, concrete, toner, ink spray and sponged paint.

This collection of hand-drawn Illustrator brushes is suitable for use with Illustrator CS3 and later. The bundle focuses on traditional art effects, and includes brushes that mimic watercolour, paintbrushes, pencil, charcoal and markers. High-res and low-res versions are included — use the high-res versions for separate design elements, or go low-res for complex designs to keep the file size down.

Another great pack of Illustrator brushes from Artifex Forge, these Liquid Style vector brushes let you quickly and easily create a retro liquid style in your artwork. There are over 80 brushes in the pack, covering a wide range of shapes, sizes and varieties.

Mix multiple colours in one digital stoke with this collection of Illustrator brushes. The painting system is the result of two years of planning and experimentation, and the results are impressive. This pack works differently to your typical brushes — it includes 21 brush styles and 24 colour swatches you can also pick your own colours, if you prefer , and you can see how to use them in the video here opens in new tab. This brush pack aims to help you create natural-looking artistic textures in Illustrator.

It includes 28 brushes, which work with CC or in legacy format from CS2. Envato offers a big collection of Illustrator brushes for you to download for free if you’re a paying subscriber. Give your artwork a distressed look with this great bundle of grunge Illustrator brushes. It comprises four best-selling vector brush packs, each containing approximately 20 brushes, and is compatible with Illustrator CS6 and CC.

Each vector brush was made from authentic source material — like wax oil crayons and motor oil — and is ideal for adding a grubby, textured look to your designs. Light up your digital designs with this pack of 36 vector light effect brushes, which create a realistic glowing effect using transparency and blend effects. There are three different brush styles to choose from — one comet-shaped, one with a pointed end, and a circular scatter brush for extra sparkle — and they work best on a dark background.


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