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Thanks for your reply Doctor! I will check over your points and perform the tricks you have prescribed and see how I go.

I edit primarily GoPro footage in the H. It is the GoPro footage that plays up though. I don’t bother with the GoPro H. I’ll run MediaInfo and report back regardless. Thanks for your time Derek. Cheers Paul. Well Derek I have tried everything you recommended, but unfortunately within the 1st edit run, the black screen preview is still occurring.

I have a feeling the GoPro codec just doesn’t play well with the software. Thanks again for your help, but this may be a lost cause. The following user s said Thank You: Videome. I totally forgot about that setting in v This is a new setting that only exists in v17 – personally I am not a fan of this setting, because I now believe it is causing problems for a lot of people with Intel CPUs and Nvidia GPUs.

If you keep Intel graphics disabled and your problem does not come back, that confirms my original suspicion that the Intel graphics was cause of problem. The other part of the problem is GoPro video. For some people, GoPro video causes lots of problems in Vegas. I normally recommend people convert all GoPro video using Handbrake, before importing into Vegas. If you ever consider doing this, I have posted instructions here: www. Last Edit: 14 Apr by DoctorZen.

Thanks Derek. Yes I have heard about the GoPro footage issue. I was contemplating converting, but as I will have around 1 to 3 hours worth to convert for any project, that bottleneck kind of made me hesitant.

I finished off my edit and render last night and was well happy to find no issues with the black preview frames. I’m not going to count all my chickens just yet though, until the next video edit. Fingers crossed it’s all fixed now though. Thanks again for your time. The following user s said Thank You: DoctorZen. Videome Offline Zen Level 4 Thanks: I could not figure out what was happening. Maybe I’m just running out of patience, but I bought the latest Vs 18 and updated it, For the life of me I can’t get a clean render for a project that is critical and now I’m getting backlogged.

The year is now , I see this is an issue that has been part of Vegas since roughly Anybody have a simple fix. This project is too large to reload all the clips. Sorry for the rant, Hope someone has some ideas and more importantly a FIX. Please start your own thread by describing your issue thoroughly and providing the following information. I will create my own thread. But would just like to reiterate what David-Frank mentioned.

I was using Vegas 14 file. Recently upgraded to Vegas 18, and can’t get a simple render of simple image slideshow project to work. I’ve tried suggestions about disabling openCL, So4 etc. This is seriously a nightmare. Are you sure you want to report this comment post user as questionable? You may be blocked if you misuse this feature! Sign in. Forum Vegas Pro Video Getting black screen in a rendered video and screen preview. Hey everyone Need a bit of help.

Back to post. Try disabling so4compundplug. Follow the steps in the link below. Wolfgang S. I’m not sure if there is a bug issue with the program or not, but any help would be appreciated Thanks for your feedback and please ignore the joke about Sony or Magix.

Video Preferences General preferences. Project Settings – and properties of your footage? I have this issue too, fix is to reopen project and it works again. I will record the screen with OBS next time it will happen. I don’t use OBS to record my footage. Report as questionable. In the Video Event FX window, grab inside the dotted rectangle and drag it. Grab the rectangle in the upper left corner and then drag your cursor to the image.

Line up the dotted rectangle corner and sides with the image corner and sides. Grab the dotted circle surrounding the dotted rectangle and turn it. The image rotates in the Video Preview window. Track Motion is an incredibly powerful tool resizing and moving images , and thus is ideal for creating video overlays. Close the Video Event FX window.

Choose Track Motion. The Track Motion window opens and the Track Motion controls appear. However, this box represents the frame of the track relative to the project instead of the frame of the project relative to the image. The box gets smaller, and the overlay image also gets smaller in the Video Preview window. The control box controls your image. The image moves to the upper left of the Video Preview. You can control the size, color, intensity, location, and blur of the drop shadow, so you can make it as harsh or subtle as you want.

You can also adjust the size, color, intensity, location, and blur of the glow. Play with them, experiment, and even combine them for effects no one else has thought of.

The only limit to what you can do is your imagination! Step 1: Choose Your Video. Step 2: Create a New Track. You need more than one video track to create an overlay. Step 4: Resize the Image.

Step 5: Move the Image. Step 6: Rotate and Reshape the Image.


sony vegas rendered some of the video with a black screen .. – VideoHelp Forum

I will check over your points and perform the tricks you have prescribed and see how I go. More important – what is the issue that results in black Frames? Create an account. I have a project with 14 parts. Close the Video Event FX window.


Sony vegas pro 12 black preview screen free.Entertainment News

It is the GoPro footage that plays up though. Video Preferences General preferences. Hey everyone Need a bit of help. In the Mode drop-down menu, choose Fixed Parallelogram.


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