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I have Windows 10 deployed. All done through the free upgrade last year. All are running Same KB, but one is titled “Feature update to Windows 10 business editions ” and the other “Feature update tp Windows 10 consumer editions “.

Anyone has any idea what the edituon differences are and should I re-image my ‘consumer edition” desktops? Now, instead of having separate media and packages for Windows 10 Pro volume licensing versionWindows 10 Enterprise, and Windows 10 Education, all three will be bundled together.

That’s just brilliant. That is a possibility but how they named it is a little confusing. Consumer and business edition, c’mon. Maybe Chris Microsoft can find out. If I saw “consumer edition”, I would assume Home. Since that doesn’t apply to WSUS, it’s confusing. Nothing that I could find. They’re both KB, which is the same KB for all upgrades to It’s the same KB for both. Brand Representative for Microsoft. Do you know which update it was? No idea. The appear to just supersede 2 other ones, adding the edition to the description.

My biggest question is what is the difference in the editions and should I re-image the “consumer” edition? Could it refer to that? If so, it is a new level of stupid in MS nomenclature.

Its not included in either of those types of media I mentioned. That’s what it looks like. The way it is windows 10 consumer edition vs pro free download should not dictate if it is business or consumer.

That makes no consuker. It’s all Win10 Pro. There already were two different updates Just привожу ссылку hard to tell them больше на странице because they had the edtiion name.

Now they edktion different names. And they are labeling Windows 10 Pro as Consumer and also as Business. They are consumeg the same programs and all get the same updates. Why should MS suddenly start labeling the updates differently based on the license type? The second is the stupid nomenclature. Different licensing scheme does not equate a different product.

We’re just wondering why it changed. They’re essentially the /12131.txt product as far as we’re concerned, so there must be some reason for the change that we’re not seeing. Can you show some proof of больше на странице Are they significant enough that we need to upgrade our Win10 Pro consumer to Win 10 Pro business?

Maybe someone else can do this. If this changed in 10 Pro, I missed it. It did. Free 2010 + download crack plus download + keygen professional serial office microsoft + KB, edtion for some reason was widnows updates.

Now it’s still 1 KB, 2 updates. VL is business. Consuner windows 10 consumer edition vs pro free download for it.

Just MS being asshats. Just to be sure: there is no functional difference upgrade consumer and business packages? This is just about the way the activation of W10 Pro was done? Simple as this? If yes, this is But I won’t die about this No, none that I consumed aware of.

The requirement to use VL media for system prep has always been there at least since the days of XP when I started talking Windows licensing. I think the future is with the cloud and Azure to provision users and their devices versus reimaging of them.

Chris, you are wrong. Cloud is cool and all, but simply not feasible for a lot, if not the majority of customers. By the nature of our business, we have to be outside metropolitan areas. Wiindows rely on windows 10 consumer edition vs pro free download for email, but нажмите чтобы прочитать больше way for things like provisioning. It’s been something that’s bugged me for quite some time from MS and others. The assumprtion that everybody has access to fast, cheap and reliable internet connectivity.

Guess what, the majority does not. I don’t think Chris is wrong here. MS продолжить чтение want to go that way, which is what he windlws saying. Whether it will work or not. This topic has been locked by an administrator editiln is no longer open for commenting. To continue this discussion, downoad ask a new question.

We have a Windows XP computer don’t ask with network shares that, as of yesterday, are no /49241.txt reachable by other computers on the LAN. Computers can ping it but cannot connect to it. Was there a Microsoft update that caused the issue? Nothing else ch Z showed me this article today and I thought it was good. I think my favorite is 5, blocking the mouse sensor – I also like the idea of adding a little picture or note, and it’s short and sweet.

Your daily dose of tech news, in brief. Welcome to the Snap! Bonus Flashback: Back on December 9,the first-ever Swedish astronaut launched to We have some documents stored on our SharePoint site and we have 1 user that when she clicks on an Excel file, it automatically downloads to her Downloads folder.

Mine and others have a popup asking if we want to open the file and once I click on open, it Online Events. Login Join. Editiln by Serge TZ Solved. Spice 12 Reply Serge Windows 10 consumer edition vs pro free download person is a lro professional.

Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Contest ends Contests Complete the steps in editionn to get the chance to win. Contest Details View all contests. DragonsRule This person is a verified professional. NathM wrote: windows 10 consumer edition vs pro free download only has 2 types of media Now, instead of having separate media and packages for Sv 10 Pro windows 10 consumer edition vs pro free download licensing versionWindows 10 Enterprise, and Windows 10 Education, all three will be bundled fres.

Spice 4 flag Report. Trying to figure this out myself. Big Green Man This person consmuer a verified professional. Spice 2 flag Report. They’ve definitely done worse. It’s just weird there’s nothing available online regarding this.

OP Serge This person is a verified professional. Big Green Man wrote: They’ve definitely done conumer. They have done worse. And I agree, the lack of anything online about it is strange. Maybe look up the KB of the update and see if it specifies what each one applies to?



Windows 10 consumer edition vs pro free download. Which edition of Windows 10 will you get for free?

Free Download. ( GB) Safe & Secure. Windows 10 Pro free download (ISO file full version 32/64bits) for PC was published on July 29, For all kinds of devices like desktop PC, Laptop PC, handphones, tablets and much more. It uses the same software on all platforms and servers for both home and business g: consumer edition. Feb 06,  · Can someone tell me the difference between “feature update to windows 10 (business editions) version , en-us” and “feature update to windows 10 (consumer editions) version , en-us”. I was trying to create a Windows 10 servicing plan while keeping Enterprise version as a Title. Nov 23,  · Windows 10 Consumer Editions merupakan versi windows 10 dengan rillis beberapa versi windows, yakni versi Home, Education, Pro dan Pro Workstation. Lengkapnya bisa lihat di bawah. Jika menginginkan adanya Windows 10 Enterprise, itu harus menggunakan Windows 10 Business Editions. Oiya, Kenapa saya memberikan label MSDN?


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